Fellowship Reciepients

Fellowship Recipients

The list is students recipients of Glorisun fellowship.


Period: 2018-2019

Will (Weiyu) LIN

Master Fellowship I transitioned from my undergraduate studies of Spanish and French literature to now study Buddhism. Despite the cleavage of disciplines, I am always driven by interests in cultural interaction and languages. In my current studies of Buddhism, I focus on acquiring solid knowledge of Asian languages (apart from literary Chinese, I am also working on Tibetan and, imminently, Japanese), resourceful research skills and certain fluency in theorization. I am at the early stage of my studies and still exploring the niche on which I would like to hone in.
Mylinda Sun

PhD Fellowship Sun Mingli 孫明利,加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學博士生,從事佛教物質文化研究。已在《故宮博物院院刊》、《大足石刻全集》、《石窟藝術研究》等雜誌發表學術論文數篇(包括《大足石刻观无量寿经变分析》、《四川唐五代观无量寿经变光明转与宝船因素分析》、《四川唐五代摩崖浮雕观无量寿经变分析》等)。


Hamburg University:

Ms. Liu Qi


Master Fellowship Ms. Liu Qi is enrolled as MA student of Buddhist Studies. For her thesis she uses methods from cultural anthropology and religious studies in order to analyze contemporary practices of sky burial in the Autonomous Region of Tibet and adjacent regions. She currently visits with Professor James Laidlaw, holder of the William Wyse Professorship of Social Anthropology at Cambridge University, with the goal of developing methodologies appropriate to her research.
She receives a one-year scholarship that helps defray her living expenses in Hamburg and Cambridge.