(Calligraphy by Ji Xianlin  季羨林 [1911-2009], a famous Indologist at Peking University and author)


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The Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies 華林國際佛學學刊 is hosted ​in the Research Center for Buddhist Texts and Arts at Peking University 北京大學藝術與典籍研究中心, funded by the Glorisun Charitable Foundation, and facilitated by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) project on Buddhism and East Asian Religions (www.frogbear.org) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The journal is going to be published by Cambria Press, an innovative publisher of academic research based in New York, USA (http://www.cambriapress.com/index.cfm).

This peer-reviewed journal will highlight interdisciplinary, multi-sourced, multi-media, and cross-cultural academic research about Buddhism, and welcomes submissions in the areas of the history of religions, literary studies, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South and Southeast Asian, Tibetan, and Tangut manuscript studies, Dunhuang studies, doctrinal studies using rare sources, art historical perspectives, institutional history, anthropological research, sociopolitical studies, and comparative, philosophical studies.