2023 Glorisun International and Intensive Program with Peking University – Student Forum

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Searching the Way along the Zhijiang:
The Sixth Glorisun International Intensive Program on Buddhist Studies
Student Forum
August 19-20, 2023


DAY 1 August 19 

PANEL 1.(13:00-15:00Texts 文本 (Chair: Qi Liu 劉琦; Discussant: Zhouyuan LI 李周淵)

Part 1 (13:00-14:20) Presentations

1.1 (13:00-13:20) Lai Chon Iat黎俊溢 (清華大學):  《泥犁經》的編撰與地獄經的編撰性質

1.2 (13:20-13:40) LIN Xu’na 林旭娜 (北京大學): 事出於沈思:佛典題記中的高頻詞「出」與經典的生成

1.3 (13:40-14:00) Madipola Wimalajothi Thero (University of Hong Kong): Rationale behind the Composition of Three Separate Ṭīkās to the Samantapāsādikā

1.4 (14:00-14:20) Zhiguo Yang 楊志國(復旦大學): 敦煌藏文寫本《寶雲經》的初步研究——兼釋SHT 945號梵文寫卷

Part 2 (14:20-14:40): Comments 評議

Part 3 (14:40-15:00): Discussion ⾃由討論


Break (15:00-15:15)


PANEL 2.(15:15-17:15Doctrine 教義 (Chair: Elena Ezhova 海美鳳; Discussant: Barend ter Haar 田海)

Part 1 (15:15-16:15) Presentations

2.1 (15:15-15:35) Rulü Shi 如律 (China Buddhist Academy 中國佛學院): 世親《佛性論》之修證體系探析

2.2 (15:35-15:55) Xinglei Shi 釋行蕾 (Minnan Buddhist College 閩南佛學院): 真諦唯識學中的兩種真如與轉依

2.3 (15:55-16:15) Brianna K. Morseth 莫百納 (The Chinese University of Hong Kong 香港中文大學): Mysticism and the Nebulous World of Religious Experience: A Critical Review and Phenomenological Study of Nianfo and Huayan Buddhist Meditation

    Part 2  (16:15-16:45): Comments 評議

    Part 3  (16:45-17:15): Discussion ⾃由討論


Dinner Break (17:15-19:00)


PANEL 3. (19:00-21:00) Monastic Knowledge Transmission 寺學傳播 (Chair: Andrew Nguy 魏民安; Discussant: Yingxian Tan 談穎嫻)

Part 1 (19:00-20:00) Presentations

3.1 (19:00-19:20) Xueqi Zhang 張雪琪 (Nanjing University南京大學): 闍梨之眼:一名後周僧人的知識世界

3.2 (19:20-19:40) LI Zhouyuan 李周淵 (Zhejiang University 浙江大學): Unveiling the Sacred Journey: The Birth of a Woodblock-Printed Buddhist Canon in the Great Hangzhou Region of the Southern Song Dynasty

3.3 (19:40-20:00) Leo Maximilian Koenig柯有樂 (Hamburg University): The Beginnings of Sanskrit Education in Modern Chinese Buddhism and Its Earliest Proponent Yang Wenhui

Part 2  (20:00-20:30): Comments 評議

Part 3  (20:30-21:00): Discussion ⾃由討論


DAY 2 (August 20)


PANEL 4.(9:00-11:00Historical and Social Aspects 歷史與社會 (Chair: QJ Zheng 鄭麒駿; Discussant: Chongzhou Zhang 張重洲)

Part 1 (9:00-10:00) Presentations

4.1 (9:00-9:20) Zhanpeng  Yang 楊戰朋 (嶺南師範學院 ):  雷州半島古佛寺修建考——以明清方志為考察中心

4.2 (9:20-9:40) Hanruo Zhang 張含若 (Princeton University): Spreading Pure Land Teachings: The West Lake Lotus Society and Literati Networks in Early Northern Song

4.3 (9:40-10:00) Yingxian Tan 談穎嫻 (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Emperor as Prince Moonlight and Prince Moonlight as Emperor: How a Buddhist Apocalyptic Interpolation Influenced the Religiopolitical Reality of the Sui Dynasty

Part 2  (10:00-10:30): Comments 評議

Part 3  (10:30-11:00): Discussion ⾃由討論


Lunch Break (11:00-13:00)


PANEL 5.(13:00-15:00Ritual and Arts 儀式與藝術 (Chair: Liting Wang王丽婷; Discussant: Sun Yinggang 孫英剛)

Part 1 (13:00-14:00) Presentations

5.1 (13:00-13:20) Junfu Wong 黃君榑 (University of Cambridge): Practising Ritual: A Functional Reexamination of Patronage Registers on Guanzhong Stone Stelae in the Premodern Period

5.2 (13:20-13:40) Catherine Fan樊華傑 (University of Virginia): From Sprinkling Dhāraṇī-dust to Constructing a Multi-Layered altar: Mortuary Ritual of Uṣṇīṣavijayā cult in Dunhuang

5.3 (13:40-14:00) Limin Zhang 張利明 (浙江大學): 咸陽成任東漢墓出土金銅佛像研究

Part 2  (14:00-14:30): Comments 評議

Part 3  (14:30-15:00): Discussion ⾃由討論