Fifth Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

Worldmaking in East Asian Buddhism

Edited by Jinhua CHEN and Eugene WANG
Series: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies V
Hardcover ISBN: 978-981-17276-4-1
Paperback ISBN: 978-981-17281-6-7
Publishing Date: 2022
Publisher: World Scholastic Publishers
Pages: 436


Table of Contents

  • Preface: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies (by Ru Zhan)
  • Foreword: East Asian Buddhist Worldmaking (by Jinhua Chen) 
  1. Buddhist Worldviews and Worlds Viewed
    • 1.1.  The Moon as a Celestial Body and God in the Buddhist Worldview: From India to China
      Jeffrey KOTYK
    • 1.2.  Searching for a Bodhisattva Land on Earth: Potalaka Faith in East Asia
      Erika VÖRÖS
    • 1.3.  The Transmission of the Four- Pointed Cape Motif: From Gandhāra to the East and West
      LI Yicong 李怡淙
    • 1.4.  Conceptualization and ‘World- Making’: A Study on Prapañca as an Imprint in Yogācāra Treatises
      WANG Beier
    • 1.5.  Buddhist Worldmaking in the American Midcentury
      Sara LAWS
  1. One Temple, One World
    • 2.1.  The Design of Ximing Monastery and Its Influence on Japanese Monasteries
      ZHAN Ru
    • 2.2.  The Gimbal-Mounted Xiangnang and Its Transmission to the Islamic World during the Yuan Dynasty
      HUANG Bing
    • 2.3.  Beetles and the Buddha: The Tamamushi Shrine, Smallpox, and Healing in Seventh-Century Japan
      Yingxue WANG
    • 2.4.  On Bonshakuji as the Penultimate Buddhist Temple to Protect the State in Early Japanese History
      George A. KEYWORTH
  1. New Worlds Emerging from Religious Mergings
    • 3.1.  Making Four Buddhist Worlds: A Reading of the Liturgies for Creating Ritual Spaces in Dunhuang Manuscripts
      CHEN Huaiyu
    • 3.2.  Śākyamuni Buddha World Depicted in Vimalakīrti Scenes in Dunhuang Mogao Caves: The Expansion of Buddha Land to China
      HAMADA Tamami
    • 3.3.  The Pure Land as a Place: Storytelling and Ritual Practice
      Barend J. TER HAAR
  • Author Biographies
  • Index


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