Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies: Publication Ethics

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The Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies strives to provide high-quality, original research on the subject of Buddhist Studies with an interdisciplinary, multi-sourced, multi-media and cross-cultural studies focus.

Submissions will undergo research and verification checks against previous publications to ensure that contents of a manuscript are original and valid. Manuscripts that have been previously published, but are submitted as a revision with updated information, must be declared to the journal editors. Acknowledgement of works by others must be properly cited.

In cases of plagiarism, fabrication, errors, misattribution, and other publishing misconducts (with or without the author’s knowledge), the editors will work with the author for a proper retract or correction.

The journal reserves the right to withdraw a manuscript at any time if it does not meet the academic integrity required by the journal, contravenes ethical publishing guidelines outlined here, or if there is a potential conflict of interest against the journal or involved parties. The editors of the journal may contact the author for a resolution before such action is taken.

Authors retain copyright of their submissions.