Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies: E-journal, Vol 1.2, Solonin

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Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies 1.2 (2018): 183–201
(This article belongs to the Special Issue Buddhist Arts)



The Relationship Between the Tangut Art and Textual Heritage: Some Observations

Renmin University of China

Keywords: Tangut art, Kahara-Khoto, astral deities, Avataṃsaka, mahāsiddha, Tangut texts, 西夏文本, 西夏藝術, 佛教, 華嚴, 大成就, 星耀

Abstract: The paper examines several cases where the Tangut textual materials can be juxtaposed against visual materials and iconography. The problem of the relationship between the two types of sources is discussed, and textual examples are provided to support the author’s point of view. The author argues for the priority of texts before images and intends to show that the ‘systematic nature of Tangut Buddhism’ reveals itself through the uniformity between texts and images.

文章討論西夏文本與圖像之間關係問題,作者主要看法是西夏文本彼圖像的重要性更高,但是圖像與文本搭配顯露西夏佛教的“系統性”。未來證明其論點作者提供幾個文本圖像同步研究的例子 。