Seventh Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

From Jetavana to Jerusalem: Sacred Biography in Asian Perspectives and Beyond, Essays in Honour of Professor Phyllis Granoff


Edited by Jinhua CHEN
Series: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies VII
Hardcover ISBN: 978-981-17276-7-2
Paperback ISBN: 978-981-17281-9-8
Publishing Date: 2022
Publisher: World Scholastic Publishers
2 Volume Set
Pages: 887


Exploring sacred biographies produced and circulated within and well beyond Asia, the “From Jetavana to Jerusalem” conference volume aims to build on this path-breaking scholarship to further explore how transcultural and cross border approaches to the study of hagio-biography, in particular, strengthen our understandings of monastic figures, as well as the communities who celebrate their legacies.


Table of Contents

Volume I

  1. The Buddha’s Lives, Told and Retold
    • 1.1.  Material Choices
      Robert L. BROWN
    • 1.2.  Autobiographical Potency: A First-person Formula on the Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment
      Eviatar SHULMAN
    • 1.3.  Borges, Buddha’s Life Story, and the transmission of Buddhism to Latin America
      Margarita DELGADO CREAMER
  1. Biographies Built and Rebuilt
    • 2.1.  Swimming with the Masters: Sacred Biographies and Hallowed Figures
      Michael NYLAN & Martin J. VERHOEVEN
    • 2.2.  Becoming Vimalakīrti on His Chamber
      ZHAO You
    • 2.3.  Secularizing the Sacred?: Wang Yucheng’s Biography of Buddhist Master Zanning
      Albert WELTER
  1. History and His Stories
    • 3.1.  In-Between Biography: Ramacharana’s Shankaradeva and Amar Singh’s Surdas
      John Stratton HAWLEY
    • 3.2.  The Brahmin who Buried His Gods: Apatt’ Aṭīri’s Story of Myself
      David SHULMAN
    • 3.3.  A Mad Monk? A Sacred Monk?: Holy Path of Chan Master Yan Fahua in Northern Song Dynasty
      GE Zhouzi
    • 3.4.  The Account of How Nichiren Miraculously Escaped Beheading and Its Modern Critics: History and Hagiography in a Japanese Buddhist Tradition
      Jacqueline I. STONE
  1. Between and Beyond Secular and Sacred
    • 4.1.  The Perils of Prediction: A Jain Demonology of Varāhamihira
      Marko GESLANI
    • 4.2.  ‘This King Is He’: An Eleventh Century Pukkan Monarch’s Carte de Visite
      Lilian HANDLIN
    • 4.3.  Trajectories of Past Lives and the Formation of an Imperial Landscape: An Exploration of Hagiographies in a Medieval Japanese Esoteric Buddhist Text
      Yagi MORRIS

Volume II

  1. Women Biographised
    • 5.1.  The Women Who Mastered Pāli
      Alexandra KALOYANIDES
    • 5.2.  Abductions of women, narratives and identities: The Earliest Rāmāyaṇa Depictions in Indian Art
      Naman P. AHUJA
    • 5.3.  Princess Miaoshan, Self-immolator?
      James A. BENN
    • 5.4.  Displaying Her Decaying Body: Women and Embodied Exemplarity in the Qing Biographies
      MA Xu
  1. Monks in Motion
    • 6.1.  The Pilgrim of a Buddhist Criminal: Xuanzang (602–664) and His Illegal Travel to India
      LIU Cuilan
    • 6.2.  Reports of Japanese Monks in China: Accounts in the Nittō Guhō Junrei Kōki 入唐求法巡禮行記 [Record of Travel to the Tang in Search of the Dharma] by Ennin 圓仁 (794–864)
      Jeffrey KOTYK
    • 6.3.  rGwa Lotsāba gZhon nu dpal and the Spread of The Mahākāla Teachings in Eastern Central Asia
      HOU Haoran
    • 6.4.  Ruan and Liang Buddhas from China to India
      ZHANG Xing
  1. Biographies Bridging Beliefs
    • 7.1.  Belief beyond Affiliation, Affiliation beyond Belief: The Theft of an Icon of Buddha by the Vaiṣṇava Devout Poet Parakāla as Described in the Divyasūricarita
      Gérard COLAS
    • 7.2.  Naked Heretics: On the Representation of Jains in Chinese Buddhist Texts
      Max DEEG
    • 7.3.  A Vinaya Lineage and a Vinaya Master’s Life Constructed by a Tang Bureaucrat, General and Calligrapher: Yan Zhenqing 顏真卿 and His Record for the Precept-platform in the Vinaya-treasure Cloister 律藏院 at the Baoying Monastery 寶應寺 in Fuzhou 撫州
      CHEN Jinhua
  1. Defense and Debate: Biography as Sectarian and Polemical Devices
    • 8.1.  Genre as a Polemical Device: An Alternative Biography of Banārasīdāsa (1586– 1643)
      Aleksandra RESTIFO
    • 8.2.  The Monk Mūlaphalguna and the Nuns: Biography as Criticism
      Gregory SCHOPEN
    • 8.3.   Protection of the Dharma: Daoxuan and Three Types of Hufa in the Continued Biographies of Eminent Monks
      Shanshan ZHAO


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