Sinification, Globalization or Glocalization? – Panelists

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1 Ester BIANCHI (University of Perugia)
Ester Bianchi holds a Ph.D. in ‘Indian and East-Asian Civilization’ from the University of Venice (co-tutorial Ph.D. received from the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Section des Sciences Religieuses of Paris).  She is an Associate Professor of Chinese Religions and Philosophy and of Society and Culture of China. She is currently a contributor to the Research project “Chinese Buddhism in Globalization: States, Communities, and Practices of Religion” (directed by Yoshiko Ashiwa and David Wank, Founded by the Henry Luce Foundation), and “Modern and Contemporary Buddhist Encounters in the Southern Sinosphere” (diected by Jens Reinke, ISHB, University of the West). Her research is centered on Sino-Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese Buddhist monasticism, Chinese Buddhism in Italy, and, more recently, the rediscovery of early meditation techniques in modern Chinese Buddhism. Ester Bianchi is the author of The Iron Statue Monastery, Tiexiangsi: A Buddhist Nunnery of Tibetan Tradition in Contemporary China (Firenze, Olschki, 2001), and of the first Italian translation of the Gaoseng Faxian zhuan (Perugia: Morlacchi 2013). Her co-edited volumes include the recent “Take the Vinaya as Your Master”: Monastic Discipline and Practices in Modern Chinese Buddhism, co-edited with D. Campo (Leiden: Brill 2023).
2 CHEN Yingjin 陳映錦 (北京語言大學)
陳映錦 文學博士,北京語言大學一帶一路助理研究員,碩士生導師,主要研究方向:佛教戒律文獻、佛教文學、敦煌學。

Yingjin Chen, Ph.D., is an Assistant Research Fellow of the Belt and Road initiative of Beijing Language and Culture University, and is a Master tutor. Her main research direction is the study of Buddhist discipline literature, Buddhist literature, and Dunhuang studies.

3 CHEN Zhiyuan 陳志遠 (中國社會科學院)

Zhiyuan Chen, born in 1983, is currently the associate researcher of the Institute of Ancient History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He obtained his Ph.D. in History from the Department of History, Peking University, and has conducted short-term visit at Kyoto University in Japan and Dharma Drum Buddhist College in Taiwan. His research focuses on the history of Buddhism in the Six Dynasties period, Buddhist literature in medieval China, and the interaction between Confucianism and Buddhism. Recently, he is working on topics such as the idea of eschatology, relic worship, and epigraphical inscriptions. He has published a monograph entitled Studies on the History of Buddhism in the Six Dynasties, and some 20 journal articles.

4 CHIU Tzu-lung 邱子倫 (National Univ. of Singapore)
Prior to joining the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies at National Chengchi University as a Visiting Scholar (2023), Tzu-Lung Chiu was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Buddhist Studies at the Max Planck Institute (2017-2021) and the University of California, Berkeley (2016). Her research interests include Indian Vinaya rules, contemporary Chinese Buddhism, gender, the Chinese diaspora, and Buddhist rituals and practices; and she has written a number of research articles on traditional Vinaya rules applied (or not) in contemporary Chinese Buddhist contexts. She is currently researching the position and the practice of Chinese Buddhism in Myanmar and Thailand, and explores how Chinese Buddhists as a local religious minority seek social recognition in Southeast Asia, thus extending academic research on Mahāyāna Buddhism to its marginal regions.


5 GUANG Xing 廣興 (HKU)
Guang Xing, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer of the Centre of Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Master of Buddhist Studies Programme. He also served as Tung Lin Kok Yuen Canada Foundation Visiting Professor in Buddhism and Contemporary Society at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver 2007. Specialist in Buddhist Studies 2016-2024, appointed by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications. His publications include The Concept of the Buddha: Its Evolution from Early Buddhism to the Trikaya Theory (Routledge 2005) and Filial Piety in Chinese Buddhism (Peter Lang 2022).

廣興-高級講師,香港大學佛學研究中心碩士課程委員會主席,加拿大溫哥華英屬哥倫比亞大學 2007 年度佛教與當代社會訪問教授,香港學術及職業資歷評審局聘任 2016-2024 年度佛學研究專家。主要著作有《佛陀觀的演變與發展》(英文版)由英國ROUTLEDGE 2005出版,《中國佛教的孝道研究》(英文版)Peter Lang 2022年。

6 Ngar-sze LAU 劉雅詩 (CUHK)
Ngar-sze Lau is a Senior Lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and affiliated Assistant Professor (part-time) of Department of Buddhist Studies, Fo Guang University. She completed her MPhil degree in Social Anthropology at Oxford and PhD degree in Religious Studies at Lancaster. Her research interests include contemplative education, lay Buddhist meditation, and transnational meditation movement in contemporary Chinese societies. She has published academic papers in ReligionsAsian Medicine and Routledge International Handbook of Religion in Global Society, etc.
劉雅詩,香港中文大學高級講師,佛光大學佛學系兼任助理教授。她在牛津大學獲得社會人類學碩士學位,蘭卡斯特大學獲得宗教研究博士學位。她的研究興趣包括禪修教育、居士佛教禪修和當代中國社會的跨國禪修運動。她曾經在國際期刊和出版社包括Religions《宗教》、Asian Medicine 《亞洲醫學》和Routledge International Handbook of Religion in Global Society等發表學術論文。
7 Todd LEWIS (College of the Holy Cross)
Todd Lewis is the Distinguished Professor of Arts and Humanities and Professor of Religion at the College of the Holy Cross. His primary research since 1979 has been on Newar Buddhism in the Kathmandu Valley and the social history of Buddhism. Since completing his Ph.D. (Columbia, 1984), Lewis has authored many articles on the Buddhist traditions of Nepal and a number of books. His translation, Sugata Saurabha: A Poem on the Life of the Buddha by Chittadhar Hridaya of Nepal (Oxford 2010), received awards from the Khyentse Foundation and the Numata Foundation. His most recent publication with Jinah Kim, is Dharma and Punya: Buddhist Ritual Art of Nepal (Brill 2019). Other writings have focused on the role of merchants in Buddhist history, Buddhist social history, and the history of Buddhist ritualism.
8 LI Can 李燦 (北京外國語大學)
李燦 北京外國語大學亞洲學院梵語巴利語教研室,副教授。博士畢業於北京大學南亞學系梵語巴利語專業。主要研究方向:梵語巴利語佛典、初期大乘佛教史、中國佛典翻譯史、佛教儀式文獻。
9 LI Wei 李薇 (蘇州大學)

Dr. Li Wei serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Suzhou University. She received her PhD in Buddhism and literature from Hanazono University, Japan in 2018. She specializes in Vinayapitakas and Abhidharma of Buddhist. Major publications: “Is the Explanation of yathārūpeṇādinnādānena in the Mahāsāṃghika-vinaya a Later Insertion” “A New Study of the Approaches to Vinaya: From the Case of Mahāmoggallāna’s Hearing the Sound of Elephants in Dhyāna” etc. She is the leader of the research projects of the social science and humanity on Young Fund of the ministry of Education etc.

10 MA De 馬德 (敦煌研究院會、稽山佛學高等研究院)
馬德(1955—),敦煌研究院研究館員,敦煌文獻研究所前所長;蘭州大學博士研究生導師,甘肅省政府文史研究館館員;兼任多所院校特聘教授;長期從事敦煌歷史文化研究工作至今,出版著作10多部,發表論文180余篇;主持完成國家社會科學基金重大項目1 項、西部項目2項,在研重點項目1項;教育部人文社科重點基地重大項目1項,參與多項;主持完成國家出版基金項目3項。
11 Jackson MACOR 明考寂尊 (UC Berkeley)/
Jackson Macor received a B.A. in South Asian Languages and Civilizations (2017) and an M.A. in Divinity (2020) from the University of Chicago, both supplemented by language study in India and Japan. His research interests include doctrinal developments in Chinese
Buddhism during the Sui and early Tang, in particular the writings of the Sanlun (Three Treatises) exegete Jizang.
12 Rev Madipola WIMALAJOTHI THERO (Hong Kong University)
Rev Madipola Wimalajothi Thero is a final-year PhD candidate of The University of Hong Kong, who holds the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) and Hong Kong University Presidential Scholarship (HKU-PS). His doctoral thesis is: A Study of the Vimativinodanīṭīkā with a Critical Edition and an Annotated Translation of its Bāhira-nidāna-vaṇṇanā. He has his B.A. (First Class) honours degree in Pali Studies and MPhil degree in Theravāda Vinaya from the University of Peradeniya, and during his studies there had the opportunity to be an exchange student at Dongguk University (2014) under Global Korea Scholarship Programme and at the University of South-Eastern Norway (2018) under NOPART Scholarship Programme. His research focuses on Theravāda Vinaya, Ṭīkā literature, and textual criticism.
13 PEI Changchun 裴長春 (山東師範大學)


14 QIU Xiaoyun 邱瀟雲 (北京大學)
Xiaoyun Qiu, PhD student from the School of Foreign Languages, Peking University. Her major is Indian language and literature, and the research area is about Buddhist Art & History and Indian Religions & Culture. Her concern is Indian Cave Temples and now she is focusing on Ellora Caves.
15 Jens REINKE (University of West)
Jens Reinke is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Director of the Institute for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism at University of the West. His research examines the development of the contemporary Chinese Mahayana under today’s global condition.

Taking Taiwan as a focus point, Jens Reinke explores how contemporary translocative entanglements generated by Western colonialism, processes of Asian nation-state building, increased global integration, and ethnic Chinese migration, facilitate the emergence of non-Western modern Buddhist religiosities.

His recent book Mapping Modern Mahayana: Chinese Buddhism and Migration in the Age of Global Modernity, presents a multi-sited ethnography of the Taiwanese Buddhist organization Fo Guang Shan and its temples in Taiwan, Los Angeles, South Africa, and the People’s Republic of China. Mapping Modern Mahayana is published by De Gruyter.

16 SHEN Weirong 沈衛榮 (清華大學)
17 SHI Daowu 釋道悟 (稽山書院)
18 SHI Tongran 釋通然 (北京大學)
19 SHI Zehui 釋則慧 (中國人民大學)
20 SHI Zhanru 釋湛如 (北京大學)
ZHAN Ru is a professor in Peking University’s School of Foreign Languages. Additionally, he is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, vice president of the Buddhist Association of China and vice president of the Peking University Orientalism Research Institute. His areas of research include: Buddhist and Buddhist literature, the Indian Ministry of Buddhism, Dunhuang Buddhism, Buddhist system
21 Eviatar SHULMAN (Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem)
Eviatar Shulman is Chair of the department of Comparative Religion and member of the department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is author of a variety of scholarly publications, including the monographs Rethinking the Buddha: Early Buddhist Philosophy as Meditative Perception (Cambridge University Press, 2014), and Visions of the Buddha: Creative Dimensions of Early Buddhist Scripture (Oxford University Press, 2021).
22 SOLONIN Kirill 索羅寧 (中國人民大学)
Kirill Solonin earned his doctorate from St. Petersburg University. Since the early 1990s, he was working on the issues of the Tangut language, and Tangut and Sino-Tibetan Buddhism. He worked in several institutions in Russia, Germany, USA and China. He is currently a professor in the School of Chinese Classics at Renmin University of China.
23 SUN Yinggang 孫英剛 (Zhejiang)
Studied at Beijing University (1996-2003) and Princeton University (2003-2009, Ph.D. from Department of East Asian Studies); Associate Professor of Medieval Chinese History at Fudan University (Shanghai, 2009-2016); Currently Professor of Medieval Chinese History (2016-), Dean of School of History (2021-) at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou; Visiting scholar to Tokyo University (2010) and Yale University (2015-2016).

Research Interests include medieval history (Northern and Southern Dynasties, Tang Dynasty) and History of Buddhism (especially Buddhism and Medieval Monarchship as well as Buddhism and the Silk Road). Currently work on how Gandharan Buddhism influenced Medieval Chinese History.

24 SUN Mingli 孫明利 (UBC)
Mingli Sun is a Ph.D. student at The University of British Columbia. Her research area is Buddhist material culture in Medieval China with a focus on the Western Pure Land images in Sichuan from the Tang and Five Dynasties, on which topic she has a dozen of publications as journal articles and book chapters. The major ones include (1) ‘An Analysis of the transformation tableaux of the Sutra of Visualizing Amitayus Buddha as Carved on the Cliffs in Sichuan Area from the Tang and Five Dynasties’ (from the Study on the Grotto Arts 石窟藝術研究, 2016); (2) ‘An Analysis on Factors of Light Circles and Treasure Ships of Transformation Tableaux of the Sutra of Visualizing Amitayus Buddha in Sichuan Area from the Tang and Five Dynasties’ (Palace Museum Journal 故宮博物院院刊, 2017); (3) ‘An Analysis of the transformation tableaux of the Sutra of Visualizing Amitayus Buddha of Stone-carved in Dazu’ (A Full Collection of the Stone Carvings in Dazu 大足石刻全集, 2018); (4) ‘An Analysis of the images of treasure birds in the transformation tableaux of the Western Pure Land Sutras in Sichuan from the Tang and Five Dynasties’ (Journal of Putuo Studies 普陀學刊, 2020); and (5) ‘A Textual Examination on the Image of Amitābha with Fifty Bodhisattvas’ (Journal of Dazu Studies 大足學刊, 2020).
25 TAN Yingxian  (Hebrew Univ of Jerusalem)
Tan Yingxian 談穎嫻 is currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). She has been awarded a president scholarship of PhD honor program at Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School. Her first M.A. thesis (HKU, 2016) focuses on the doctrinal differences between what is known as Chinese syncretic Chan and Japanese pure Zen. Her second M.A. thesis (HUJI, 2019) reappraises the economic rationale behind Northern Zhou’s persecution of Buddhism. Now she is working on the State-Saṃgha relation in late sixth and early seventh century China. Her Ph.D. dissertation deals with this subject from a double perspective: that of the state’s Buddhist policy on the one hand and that of the Sangha’s response on the other. Her participation in Frogbear/Glorisun programs in both 2019 and 2020 enabled her to broaden the perspective of her research, as did her role as the reporter on the Glorisun’s 2021 “From Jetavana to Jerusalem” conference. In mid-December of 2021 she held a photograph exhibition on Buddhism in modern China for the first time at HUJI, with special focus on monumental monasteries versus village hermitages.
26 WANG Junqi 王俊淇 (中國人民大學)

Junqi Wang has a PhD from the University of Tokyo. He is currently a lecturer in the School of Philosophy and the Institute for the Study of Buddhism and Religious Theory at Renmin University of China. His research interests include Madhyamaka philosophy, Pramāṇa, and Sanskrit manuscripts. Ongoing work includes, translation and research of several texts such as the first chapter of Candrakīrti’s Prasannapadā, and Dharmakīrti’s Hetubindu.

27 WANG Lina 王麗娜 (國家圖書館)
王麗娜,女,國家圖書館參考咨詢部研究館員,南開大學文學院博士,北京大學哲學系博士後,主要研究方向為佛教文學與文化、佛教文體研究,佛教史與佛教文獻等,曾赴英國劍橋大學、美國愛荷華大學等做訪問學者。浙江大學《中國佛教史》編輯,華林國際佛教研究期刊(英文)(Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies)編委,《華林》期刊中文執行編輯。已在商務印書館出版專著《漢譯佛典偈頌研究》(2016年),《唐代長安大薦福寺研究》(2021年),在《世界宗教文化》《宗教學研究》《東北師範大學學報》等刊物發表學術論文二十餘篇。

Lina Wang is currently a Research Librarian at the Research Reference Services Department in the National Library of China. She completed her doctoral studies in Literature at Nankai University, and is presently a postdoctoral fellow at the Philosophy Department in Peking University. Her main research interests are Buddhist texts and their literary forms, including Buddhist history and all genres of Buddhist literature. She spent time at Cambridge University in England as a visiting scholar and at the University of Iowa University in the United States. She is editor of the ‘Studies in History of Buddhism’ journal out of Zhejiang University, as well as editor of the‘Hualin International Journal of Buddhist Studies’, and Chinese executive editor of ‘Hualin Journal’. She has published monographs including A Study of Gāthasin Buddhist Chinese Translated Scriptures(2016, The Commercial Press) and A Study of the Dajianfu Temple in Tang Dynasty China(2021,National Library of China Publishing House). She has also published over twenty academic papers in journals such as ‘World Religious Culture’, ‘Religious Studies’ and the ‘Journal of North East Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences)’.

28 WU Xiaolu (Joy) 吳曉璐 (Harvard University)
Xiaolu “Joy” Wu is a doctoral student in the Committee on the Study of Religion and East Asian Art at Harvard University. Joy studies Medieval Chinese and East Asian religious art, with an interest in interregional cultural interactions. Her intellectual passion lies in bridging art history and religious studies through the study of sacred paintings, material objects, and architectural spaces. Her wide-ranging research interests range from funerary material culture, religious portraiture, and Buddhist mural paintings to the intersection between art (media), spiritualism, and science in the modern Sinosphere. Prior to starting her doctoral program, Joy completed her M.A. in Regional Studies East Asia at Harvard University. Her M.A. thesis titled Multivalent Likeness: Picturing Sociality, Biography, and Soteriology in Medieval Chinese Portraiture won the 2022 Fletcher Memorial Award.
29 WU Weilin 吳蔚琳 (中山大学)

Wu Weilin is an assistant professor in School of Foreign Languages, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou. She received her PhD in Indian languages and literatures (Sanskrit and Pāli literature) from Peking University, with a focus on a comparative study on the Pāli vinaya commentary Samantapāsādikā and its Chinese version. Her academic interest is Sanskrit and Pali literature, Chinese-Indian cultural relations and Buddhology.

30 ZHAO Wen 趙文 (南開大學)
趙文,南開大學哲學院宗教學教研室副教授,2018年博士畢業於德國慕尼黑大學佛教研究項目(Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies)。曾在牛津大學東方學系(2015)、紐倫堡大學人文研究院(2019)訪學。近年來的研究重點包括:《般若經》文獻與思想、絲綢之路禪修、中國宗教文化,等等,並在Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies,《世界宗教研究》等期刊發表相關研究文章多篇。擔任2019年度何鴻毅家族基金會佛教研究校勘與學術翻譯項目:「庫車出土梵語佛教瑜伽手冊英譯」(An English Translation of a Sanskrit Buddhist ‘Yoga Manual’ from Kučā)項目負責人,現主持國家社科基金項目一項。

Wen Zhao is now the associate professor in the College of Philosophy at Nankai University. He received his PhD in the Doctoral Program in Buddhist Studies at LMU Munich in 2018, studied at Oxford University as a visiting student (2015) and worked at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg as a visiting fellow (2019). His recent research fields include — the Prajñāpāramitā literature and relevant thoughts, the meditation along the Silk Road, the Chinese religious thoughts and cultures, etc. Some articles related to these topics are published in Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies, Shijie Zongjiao Yanjiu (世界宗教研究) etc. He was also the sponsor of the program “An English Translation of a Sanskrit Buddhist ‘Yoga Manual’ from Kučā” supported by the Robert Ho Family Foundation Translation Grants (2019), and now he is responsible for one research program granted by the Chinese National Social Science Fund.