Fourth Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

Transmission of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond: Essays in Memory of Antonino Forte (1940–2006)


Edited by Jinhua CHEN
Series: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies IV
Publishing Date: 2022-05-28
Publisher: World Scholastic Publishers
Pages: 615
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Table of Contents

Antonino Forte, a Biographical Note

Preface: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies (by Ru Zhan)


Foreword: In Memory of Antonino Forte (by Jinhua Chen)

Cross-border Doctrinal Transmission: Abhidharma and Chan

  1. From Huisong 慧嵩 (fl. 511–560) to Xuanzang 玄奘 (602?–664): The ‘Borderland Complex’ in the Transmission of Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma
    Huang Lu 黃露
  2. An Exploration of Japanese Reprints and Lost Chinese Books: Rethinking the Song Period Platform Sutra
    T. H. Barrett
  3. Pojo Chinul 普照知訥 (1158–1210), the Fabaoji tanjing 法寶記壇經, and the Evolution of the Platform Sūtra
    Morten Schlütter

Political Ideals

  1. A Chinese ‘Hitopadeśa’ – Or: A Ruler’s Mirror: The Didactic Aspects of the Da Tang Xiyu Ji
    Max Deeg
  2. Religious Reform under Western Wei/Northern Zhou
    Tan Yingxian 談穎嫻
  3. Empress Wu’s Impact Beyond China: Kingship and Female Sovereigns
    Dorothy C. Wong 王靜芬

Interactions with Other Religions

  1. What Was the Destination?: Burial System and Buddhist Influence Found in Tao Hongjing’s Tomb
    Shen Ruiwen 沈睿文
  2. From Jingguan 京觀 to Buddhist Temples: Dealing with Providing Salvation to Fallen Soldiers during the Sui and Early Tang
    Lei Wen 雷聞
  3. Heroic Śāktism with Chinese Characteristics: The Female Warrior Sovereign Prophecy, the Navarātri, and a Trio of Devīs of War in the Accession of Female Emperor Wu Zhao
    †Norman Harry Rothschild

Primer and Map

  1. The Study of Sanskrit in Medieval East Asia: China and Japan
    Jeffrey Kotyk
  2. A Tang Period ‘Sanskrit-Chinese Thousand-Character Primer’
    Shuheng (Diana) Zhang 張舒姮
  3. Xuanzang à Paris: The European Reception of the Japanese Buddhist World Map
    D. Max Moerman



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