Fourth Volume of “Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies”

Transmission of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond: Essays in Memory of Antonino Forte (1940–2006)


Edited by Jinhua CHEN
Series: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies IV
Publishing Date: 2022-05-28
Publisher: World Scholastic Publishers
Pages: 615
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In commemoration of Antonino Forte, whose work constitutes a major contribution to the study of Buddhism in medieval China and Japan, the religions of the Silk Road, and East Asian art and archaeology, from July 4 to July 6, 2021, the fifteenth anniversary of his passing, a series of international conferences was jointly held by the Glorisun Global Network, the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) ‘From the Ground Up: Buddhism and East Asian Religions’ (FROGBEAR)’ project (, the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’ (his alma mater), the Italian School of East Asian Studies in Kyoto, Princeton University, and Geumgang University 金剛大學 in South Korea. The first conference, titled ‘The Transmission of Buddhism in Asia and Beyond,’ was co-organized by the UBC-based FROGBEAR Project and Princeton University, and covered a variety of areas in which Forte conducted research, including Dunhuang studies, the translation of Buddhist scriptures, textual and historical research methodologies, Buddhist institutions, and Buddhist archaeology. Most of the twelve essays collected in this volume were originally presented at this conference.


Table of Contents

Antonino Forte, a Biographical Note

Preface: Hualin Series on Buddhist Studies (by Ru Zhan)


Foreword: In Memory of Antonino Forte (by Jinhua Chen)

Cross-border Doctrinal Transmission: Abhidharma and Chan

  1. From Huisong 慧嵩 (fl. 511–560) to Xuanzang 玄奘 (602?–664): The ‘Borderland Complex’ in the Transmission of Sarvāstivāda Abhidharma
    Huang Lu 黃露
  2. An Exploration of Japanese Reprints and Lost Chinese Books: Rethinking the Song Period Platform Sutra
    T. H. Barrett
  3. Pojo Chinul 普照知訥 (1158–1210), the Fabaoji tanjing 法寶記壇經, and the Evolution of the Platform Sūtra
    Morten Schlütter

Political Ideals

  1. A Chinese ‘Hitopadeśa’ – Or: A Ruler’s Mirror: The Didactic Aspects of the Da Tang Xiyu Ji
    Max Deeg
  2. Religious Reform under Western Wei/Northern Zhou
    Tan Yingxian 談穎嫻
  3. Empress Wu’s Impact Beyond China: Kingship and Female Sovereigns
    Dorothy C. Wong 王靜芬

Interactions with Other Religions

  1. What Was the Destination?: Burial System and Buddhist Influence Found in Tao Hongjing’s Tomb
    Shen Ruiwen 沈睿文
  2. From Jingguan 京觀 to Buddhist Temples: Dealing with Providing Salvation to Fallen Soldiers during the Sui and Early Tang
    Lei Wen 雷聞
  3. Heroic Śāktism with Chinese Characteristics: The Female Warrior Sovereign Prophecy, the Navarātri, and a Trio of Devīs of War in the Accession of Female Emperor Wu Zhao
    †Norman Harry Rothschild

Primer and Map

  1. The Study of Sanskrit in Medieval East Asia: China and Japan
    Jeffrey Kotyk
  2. A Tang Period ‘Sanskrit-Chinese Thousand-Character Primer’
    Shuheng (Diana) Zhang 張舒姮
  3. Xuanzang à Paris: The European Reception of the Japanese Buddhist World Map
    D. Max Moerman



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