The International and Intensive Programs on Buddhism are composed of two 10-day segments. To guarantee sufficient interaction between the student participants with instructors and between the student participants themselves, student enrollment is typically limited to 30. Glorisun partner universities are invited to dispatch faculty members from their institutions working on Buddhism, with each instructor giving a series of 7 seminars/lectures (each of 2 hours).

The programs also support a series of occasional lectures, to be delivered by 5–7 top scholars, both based in Europe and coming from East Asia and North America. In addition to participating in these seminars and lectures, student participants will conduct field trips to gain firsthand experience of famed religious sites. They are also encouraged to present their research papers to their program instructors, lecturers, and to their peer participants.


2023 Intensive Program:

2023 Glorisun International and Intensive Program with Peking University


2022 Intensive Program:

2022 Glorisun International and Intensive Program, co-organized by Glorisun Network for Buddhist Studies at UBC and at Yale University


2021 Intensive Program:

2021 International Intensive Program on Buddhism at Harvard University


2020 Intensive Program:

2020 International and Intensive Program on Buddhist at Princeton University


2019 Intensive Program:

2019 International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at University of Oxford


2018 Intensive Program:

2018 International and Intensive Program on Buddhism at University of Cambridge