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Kōichi Shinohara (篠原亨一; 1941–) is a scholar in the field of East Asian Buddhist Studies. He taught at McMaster University and Yale University for years before retiring from the latter in 2014. His work covers a broad range of topics including Chinese Buddhist hagiography, monasticism, and Buddhist narrative literature. He is especially known for his study on the works of Daoxuan 道宣 (596–667), an important Chinese Buddhist historian and vinaya master, and Daoshi 道世 (?–683), a collaborator with Daoxuan. In addition, Koichi Shinohara has co-edited, with Phyllis Granoff, several influential collections of articles. His monograph Spell, Images, and Maṇḍalas: Tracing the Evolution of Esoteric Buddhist Rituals is a chef d’ouvre that engages deeply with Chinese Buddhist sources and succeeds in clarifying the history of early esoteric rituals. The book enjoys a monumental importance and garnered the Prix Stanislas Julien in 2015, widely hailed to be the “Nobel Prize” of Chinese Studies.

篠原亨一 (Kōichi Shinohara; 1941-) 教授的研究領域為東亞佛教研究。篠原教授2004年開始任教於耶魯大學,此前長期供職於加拿大麥克馬斯特大學。篠原教授的著作涉及諸多課題,包括中國佛教僧傳、僧院制度以及佛教敘事文學,特別是著名佛教史家、律學專家道宣及其合作者道世的著作。此外,篠原教授還與葛然諾 (Phyllis Granoff) 教授合編了為數眾多饒有影響力的論文集。作為一部立足漢文佛教文獻、梳理早期密教儀軌衍變過程的著作,《咒語、聖像和曼荼羅》具有里程碑的意義,榮獲了具有漢學諾貝爾獎之譽的 “儒蓮獎” (Prix Stanislas Julien, 2015)。