Buddhism in China Today: A Seminar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Venue: Beit Maiersdorf, Room 502
Date: May 31, 2022 16:30-18:00 (gathering: 16:10)


China is often perceived as an “atheist” country. Nonetheless, religions play an important role in China’s social, cultural, and intellectual life. Our colloquium will focus on multiple faces of Buddhism in China–from its impact on devoted novices, to its religious manifestations in urban and rural societies, to its ongoing intellectual appeal.



  • Ms. Tan Yingxian, Hebrew University
    The Transcendental Power of A Village Monk: Reflections on My Five-Year Retreat
  • Dr. Ian MacCormack, Hebrew University
    From Sakya Pandita to Marx: Chabpel Tsheten Phuntsok (恰⽩次旦平措), an intellectual in China’s Tibet
  • Dr. Shen Yang, Hebrew University
    Sticks Divination in Chinese Buddhist Temples
  • Prof. Meir Shahar, Tel Aviv University
    Buddhism and Chinese Village Religion


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