Thick Dharma, Abhidharma: A Workshop at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dates: June 12 – 14, 2023

Open to the general public.


This workshop is designed as an opportunity to enter more deeply into the world of Abhidharma. Each participant will lead the group through any passage/section/text of his/her choice that is meant to help us understand what the Abhidharma project is about – as a form of thick, professional, theoretically committed, and conceptually elaborate form of Buddhist thought and/or practice. As few appear to consider themselves experts on Abhidharma/Abhidhamma, this seems like a good place to start, in the effort to better understand some of the deeper goals of the tradition.



Monday, June 12

Location: Room 5318 Humanities building

10:00-13:15, 14:45-18:00  Rupert Gethin (University of Bristol) : Mapping the Buddha’s Mind: some points of interest


19:00 Dinner for participants


Tuesday, June 13

Location: Mandel building 521

10:00-13:00 Janet Gytaso ( University of Harvard ): “Guided reading on the Darśana – and Bhāvanā- mārga in the
Abhidharmakośa: different timings of kleśa”

Location: Rabin building 3001

14:30-16:00 Sonam Kachru ( Yale University): A theory of mind, and some thoughts about theories

Location: Rabin building 2001

16:25-17:20 Aleix Ruiz (Falqués, Shan State Buddhist University and HUJI): How Nāgasena Shaped the Third
Council: The Parallel Lives of Moggaliputa and Nāgasena and their Implicatons in the Conceptualizaton of the Abhidhamma as a Dogmatc Corpus

17:20-18:15 Eviatar Shulman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Is the Aṅgutara-Nikāya an Abhidharma text?


Wednesday, June 14

Location: Rabin building 2001

9:45-11:15 Mingyan Gao (Waseda University and the University of Hong Kong ): Mokṣabhāgīya in Abhidharma and

11:45-13:30 Pyi Phyo Kyaw (Shan State Buddhist University and the University of Oxford): Navigatng in Ocean of Methods: the Paṭṭhāna in Burmese Buddhism’

15:00-16:00 Giuliano Giustarini (Mahidol University): Aggregates, sense-bases, and elements in the Vibhaṅga-mūlaṭīkā

16:00-17:00 Daniel Stuart (University of South Carolina): We Are All Ābhidharmikas: Troubling A Genre Distncton in Buddhist Intellectual History

17:20-18:00 Concluding discussion


Follow-Up Workshop:

June 15 and June 18

Location: Room 5318 in the Humanites

10:00-13:00 , 15:00-18:00 Dan Stuart (University of South Carolina): Close readings in the Sad-dharma-smṛty-upasthāna-sūtra


Download the workshop poster here.